George Gittoes

George Gittoes was born in 1949.

George Gittoes creates art in a variety of media. He uses painting, film, and sculpture. He creates works that are designed for art galleries and also creates works designed for mass consumption, eg his TV documentaries.

Gittoes often travels to war zones and his art is inspired by his observations of the theatre of war. Some of the war zones he has visited include Rwanda during the massacre, Cambodia in the 1990s, Iraq during the second gulf war, and Afghanistan.

Gittoes also paints images of workers in heavy industry. He sees this as another battlefield.

In 1997 he was awarded an Order of Australia ‘for service to art and international relations as an artist and photographer portraying the effects on the environment of war, international disasters and heavy industry’.

He has won a number of prizes including the Blake Painting Prize (1992 and 1995) and the Wynne Prize (1993)