Satta van Daal

Satta van Daal studied Product Design at the Bauhaus University Weimar (GER) and the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL).

Van Daal moved to Melbourne in early 2003.

Van Daal’s artistic weapon of choice became the spray can. He uses hand designed and hand cut stencils on his mission for ‘urban beautification’ and to create a diverse range of paintings and commissioned works.

His first stencil – a clutched fist holding barbed wire – can still be seen around Fitzroy and other places in Melbourne.

Van Daal’s art has been exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Europe, Iran and America. His works appeared in various local, national and international publications.

In 2004 van Daal co-organised the first Melbourne Stencil Festival. The annually held festival included international street art exhibitions, live painting demonstrations, workshops, charity auctions, panel discussions, film nights.

Since 2007, van Daal has shifted his focus back to creating his own art instead of being involved in art management and event organising.

In 2009 van Daal also launched SattaStudio, his own graphic and product design business.

The image that van Daal used in his stencil is a photograph taken in 1967 by Philip Jones Griffiths during the Vietnam War.